Personal Training

We have a phenomenal and complete set of packages for helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Our goal is to make it SIMPLE for you to reach your goals!  So we have put everything into our personal training memberships.

You meet with your trainer anywhere between 1 – 5 times per week, which promotes long-term, sustainable changes,  plus it includes a full membership, plus Unlimited Group Fitness or Childcare (for one) or Tanning (you pick your free unlimited option), PLUS a Meal Plan, PLUS a Body Composition analysis, PLUS a Posture and Range of Motion Analysis, PLUS Goal Setting……

Training Philosophy: We are here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are.  Period.  We will do whatever that requires in a supportive way: Intelligent, seriously hard workouts, rehab for injuries (working with medical professionals), Meal Planning, Encouragement (we do NOT scream at you in a negative, demoralizing way.  Our job is to help you understand how AWESOME you are, not belittle you).

In order to work here, our trainers MUST pass through my 80 hour internship program.  They must be fluent in Anatomy, Physiology, Functional Anatomy, Posture and Range of Motion analysis, AND, they must be the right person.  Our trainesr understand that we are here to HELP people achieve their goals and get RESULTS, and that means we must be patient, effective, supportive, and where appropriate, firm.  We CARE about you, and your results.

We are here to help you LOVE your Body FIT.

The first step…

Please contact us to book a consultation meeting with us to see which package and trainer will best meet your needs!

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