All at once, or a little at a time?

I am writing about this topic because of Halloween of course, but it applies to eating well all year!  Still not sure what I am talking about? OK, the kids get dressed as their […]

What is the BEST way to lose fat?

Hide a pound of butter in the garage…..ok, that’s probably not helpful. Seriously though, as I have said before, it can be a complex answer, but there are things we can do when designing […]

The Sunscreen LIE!

Let me start off by referring to the quote that I started my second book with.  It is from Buddha, and I think it is relevant in pretty much everything I write and research. […]

The ‘healthy’ myth

As a new parent, I am constantly amazed at the world around us, and the way we have changed food for the worse. Last week I was offered a snack for my son at […]