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Our Legendary 6 Week Challenge is starting January 20th 2020!!


My name is Scott McDermott, certified personal trainer, author and owner of Best Body Fitness.  I’ve been training people since 1998, certified in Personal Training through NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers), Can Fit Pro, TWIST Sport Conditioning Level 3 (strength, movement, balance), Kettlebells Level 1, NCCP Triathlon (Competition level National Coaching Certification), CPR, First Aid (and more).  I’m also the author of a few books and a motivational coach.

Coaching people and creating amazing programs like Boot Camp is my passion, and of course I am also working with our other AMAZING Personal Trainers here, (who have to pass our 80+ hour Internship Intensive program, just to work here in SPITE of already being certified!) so you just have to KNOW that we can get you the results you want!

(And all this really means is we’re very passionate about helping people get RESULTS and we’ve been at this a long time!)

What really matters is that our team is passionate about helping you totally transform your body one month at a time. Together we’ve personally trained thousands of local and central Alberta individuals, helping them get in the best shape of their lives.  You could be like everyone around you and stick to bigger clothes and try program after program and fail; and remain self conscious about how you look. Or you can make a decision once and for all to tone up, feel great and enjoy life without the guilt or fear of not being satisfied with what you see in the mirror.

Check this out:

“I am absolutely LOVING the Spartan and bootcamp training!  Without a doubt it is the hardest training I have ever done. I am excited as well as a little anxious for the actual race day- but the one thing I know for sure is that our awesome trainers will have us thoroughly prepared. I actually see our instructors more as coaches than trainers. They put so much of themselves into seeing that we do well. The workouts are stellar and the trainers are always there with help. They are also hugely motivational. They always believe “we can do it” and expect the best from us. I personally find and I believe all of us are finding they make us dig deeper, finding reserves we didn’t know we had!”

spartan outdoor gerri on wall 2 150x150 Smackdown Boot Camp

“The group workouts are the best. It is so fun to be connected to like minded “crazies” as my husband puts it. To see how much everyone has progressed is amazing- wow! I remember the first day of Smackdown and how hard that was! But look at us now, taking on “The Wall”! I guess we are crazy. A crazy fun group, a crazy great group of trainers and a crazy great gym! I love this place!

Thank-you so much BBF trainers for all your hard work! We will do our best to make you proud on race day. “We will know at the finish line”!”

Gerri Baier

“Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for making me feel comfortable while at the gym.   When a person is overweight they can become very self conscious on how they look in the presence of a fitness facility.  I was, and still am to a degree, one of those people.   I suppose it is a mental issue and as the weight comes off, self confidence does build.  Nonetheless, the overall ‘feel’ of your gym, when I first started as heavy as I was, did not make me feel that way.  It is my opinion that the ‘feel’ of a gym when one starts out can make or break whether a person continues to go.  Anyway, you have a great staff and an awesome gym.  Thanks again!!  Oh and I have now hit the 85 pound mark for weight loss and because of the lifestyle changes that I have made, which includes attending your facility, I feel so much better.”

                            Patty Urban

Sylvan Lake’s award winning, experienced personal training team is looking for SPECIFIC, highly motivated, ‘serious about change’ candidates to participate in the 6 Week fitness challenge.  

(award winning?  yup.  Business of the year twice, Citizen of the year also twice, and more.  Our passion is our amazing staff and clients who get results, and it shows!)

For many, weight loss is a constant struggle, a physical and emotional battle that often wages on through the years. Weight gain, often starting young, is a direct result of the typical things we do day to day, habits we learned at a very young age.  It’s not your fault. You’ve probably never really had the chance to learn why some of the most common typical foods and habits are making us fatter every year.

This program is not about some new gizmo, you don’t have to sign up all your friends or attend meetings and conference calls, and there are no expensive products to buy.  It is not about crazy, hard to follow diets. It’s about the simple secrets that I’ve learned and passed on to our group of successful personal trainers from the years of training and dieting I’ve personally completed.  I also work with the BEST trainers in the business and we are always refining and improving what we do, and how we do it.

Everyone Experiences Great Results! What do you have to lose? Except excess body fat…..


Lyle started with 6 weeks and kept on going!

“I’ve shed well over 1/3 of my original weight, going from 336 pounds, to my current weight of 200 and have completed my first Half Marathon (but not my last!) and a Spartan Race. I’m now at a very healthy weight,   my family is living a super active and happy lifestyle, and I’ve turned back the clock an easy 10 years on my actual age”  – Lyle Katchur.  (When Lyle contacted us, he ‘couldn’t get up off the floor’ (true story).   Lyle is STILL at 190 lbs years later and has finished 3 more half marathons, half a dozen Spartan Races, including an Ultra Beast (48kms up a mountain, plus 56 obstacles!), AND 5 triathlons including a FULL IRONMAN!  Talk about a change!!)

We become distracted by the “priorities” of life and forget to think about how we feel about ourselves. Our self-esteem and diminished self-confidence prevent us from doing the things we know we need to do to lose weight, look great, stay fit and feel great about ourselves.

Our Body Fit Bootcamp program will teach you everything you need to know to finally get the weight off once and for all! Results are guaranteed!

I loved the bootcamp! I really liked having a specific meal plan complete with substitutions and everything.

-Mary Ann


Here’s another Best Body Fitness success story (YOU could be next….)

A great place to work out. Lots of equipment and selection. Very friendly and great atmosphere” -Nathalie Grzech


nathalie b a Smackdown Boot Camp


YES, that is ACTUALLY Nathalie after having two children.  Those of you with children know, gaining weight is pretty normal, it’s part of the process, but what do you do to get your body back??

I’ve learned that nutrition is key and how it plays a roll in how we look and energy levels. I’ve also learned a healthy  sustainable lifestyle can change your life. I have been able to have 2 kids and get myself back to pre-pregnancy weight and even better shape than I had before.  Thank you for all of your amazing service, trainers, childcare and facility!  I couldn’t have done it without you!”- Nathalie Grzech

Here’s another one:

I just wanted you to know how fabulous I think you guys are icon smile Smackdown Boot Camp   I have really enjoyed training with you this past year.  You never cease to amaze me with your passion for competition and your wisdom. I just laughed when I got this email because I knew you were going to send something soon!

Thanks again for everything – I have learned so much this year about what an amazing vehicle my body is icon wink Smackdown Boot Camp   Thank you for making me love racing almost as much as you;   Haha!  See you Saturday!”  –Dawn

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  Large Boot Camp Room
    Small Boot Camp Room
A few shots of the new Boot Camp and Personal Training rooms




When we opened our doors nearly 10 years ago it’s always been our goal to allow EVERY person serious about change the opportunity to do so. Come and try all the classes out for a week, and we can tell you all about how to play…

This program ROCKS so take action and don’t miss your chance to secure your spot now!

Call 403-887-7667 or stop by the gym.

 Details coming soon!!!


Do you love your Body Fit?  Maybe it’s time you did……

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