Experts are idiots.

Well….not all of them.  And not all the time, but hear me out:  Often experts are so entrenched in their beliefs, thoughts, training and how they know things are, that they make a critical […]

What is the BEST way to lose fat?

Hide a pound of butter in the garage…..ok, that’s probably not helpful. Seriously though, as I have said before, it can be a complex answer, but there are things we can do when designing […]

The Sunscreen LIE!

Let me start off by referring to the quote that I started my second book with.  It is from Buddha, and I think it is relevant in pretty much everything I write and research. […]

Father’s Day Run

Join us for the 4th Annual Father’s Day Walk/Run.  2km, 5km or 10kms.  Kids, Strollers, Bikes, Roller Blades and Dogs welcome! Proceeds go to the local Rotary Club of Sylvan Lake to make the […]

Great Events coming up in 2013!!

Ever wanted to try a Triathlon? The BBF Sprint this May is a GREAT place to start!  Featuring a 750m pool swim, a 26km bike and a nice 5km run – it is a […]

11 pounds of fat gone in one month!

Congratulations to Smackdown Bootcamp member Bobbe C!  In February she focused on her nutrition plan, and kept up with her workouts and dropped 11 pounds of fat, while building 3 pounds of muscle for […]

Lose your ‘but’

You may think I am talking about your hiney, but that isn’t what I am referring to….actually, if you follow me through this article, you may lose your derriere as a side benefit too […]

The ‘healthy’ myth

As a new parent, I am constantly amazed at the world around us, and the way we have changed food for the worse. Last week I was offered a snack for my son at […]