Happy Anniversary BBF!!!

Happy Anniversary BBF!!!

On May 25th, Best Body Fitness celebrates being 13 years old!!! That’s right – BBF is a TEENAGER!!!! So we are celebrating by being unreasonable!!! 90% off New Memberships 50% off Boot Camps and […]

Take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill

No, I am not talking about a prescription, and if you haven’t seen the movie ‘The Matrix’, let me explain: In the movie, the two main characters are meeting for the first time.  Morpheus […]

2015 Run Clinic Registration is open!

Our 7th Annual Run Clinic starts Sunday, January 11th. We have 4 distinctly different programs that run for 18 weeks. Learn to Run 10k Improve your 10k Half Marathon (featuring two schedules: Recreational and […]

Following Scott’s race in Kona

For those of you interested in following Scott’s Ultraman World Championship race, just click here to see the daily blog and race updates! The blog is located on The website for his book. […]

All at once, or a little at a time?

I am writing about this topic because of Halloween of course, but it applies to eating well all year!  Still not sure what I am talking about? OK, the kids get dressed as their […]

What is that??

Watching my 17 month old son roar around exploring the world all the time I can’t help but be rejuvenated by the sheet fascination of life itself.  SO much to learn, to do and […]