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WHAT is a Zombie Run?


Short version: A FUN Obstacle Course, (in this particular case: 3kms worth of obstacles that are more annoying than hard) that you run through, being chased by zombies.

The Zombies try to ‘infect’ you, by stealing the flags dangling from your belt.

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This event is a fundraiser for local High School groups and as we get closer, they will be confirmed!  ( I can say that all the teams asked to come back from last year!)

Basically once they have committed to be Zombies We give them each a share of the proceeds (last year over $2000)

in 2013 we also had over 130 regular Zombies that are came to play!!!

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The Basics:

***  ENTRY FEE for ZOMBIES: $30 (always):

***  ENTRY FEE for RUNNERS Before May 31st: $50.  After May 31st and before September 7th: $58.  After that: $69.

***  T-Shirt Guarantee date is October 8th!

***  Heats (also called ‘waves’) start at 12 noon, and go every 15 minutes.  Last Wave runs out at 6:15pm.  If registration fills, we will review adding earlier waves.

***  Before the start of the race, you will be given a piece of rope, that you will wear like a belt.  On this belt you will loop (not tie) 6 strands of survey ribbon (hereafter called ‘flags’). These flags represent your Immune System and therefore, your health.
***  The zombies want to take your flags, but don’t worry, our zombies won’t try to eat your brains…..maybe..
***  As you run through the obstacle course, you may lose some flags – that means your immune system is being attacked by the virus.  Lose all of your flags, and that means you at risk of becoming a zombie, but do not despair!  There is hope!
***  At a few points on the course – you will be able to help out at a Check Point Aid Station by doing something as directed and once completed, the staff there will give you an anti zombie shot (it’s a pretend shot, relax!) and as a symbol of this, give you another flag or 2, or 3.
***  The event is located at Top of the Hill Golf Course, just north of Sylvan Lake, on Highway #20.
*** the AFTER PARTY is at Chef’s (click the thumbnail to see the full image)
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What are you getting into?

***  We have created a 3km run course, that is littered with obstacles, some man made, some natural.  You will have to get over, under, around or through them.  YES, other competitors can help you – this IS the apocalypse after all!

***  Spread out around the course, will be zombies. They have one job:  try to infect you and turn you into a zombie by grabbing your flags from your belt. If you can avoid the zombies, then you keep your health all the way to the finish line!

***  By using your friends, your brains (a zombie’s favorite meal!), your speed and skill, you must try to finish the 3kms with at least ONE FLAG INTACT (either a starting flag, or an earned flag).

***  If you finish with no flags, don’t panic! Before you turn into a zombie, we will guide you to our Decontamination Chamber – where we will rid you of the virus, and keep you alive by using a secret concoction of silly string and the highly technical ’5 burpee’ absorbtion method!

*** Training for the Zombie Run:

*** FAQ’s (Also located at the bottom of this page)

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To be a Zombie (and get a discount on being a runner) - click here

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***  We worked like crazy in 2013 to create unique and fun obstacles, and in 2014, we will feature more NEW ones! (and some old favorites!!)  Some will be harder than others, some will require some strength, some will require cardio, all are more FUN based than super difficult.  Remember:  You are not in this alone!  Your fellow runners can (and should) help you out!  If you are strong and fast – help others!  There is no prize for fastest time – so have fun, and help out!

***  You will encounter all sorts of things, you will get dirty, you may cut yourself, or worse, (try not to ok?), you will have to jump, crawl, leap, run, sprint, lift, carry, hop and more to get to the finish line.  And of course: zombies will be everywhere!

***  If you absolutely cannot make it through an obstacle, then you can skip it – but be warned: zombies are blocked from many of the obstacles, and going around means more zombies!  (and when you look in the mirror at night, you will have to live with knowing that you never really made it through…..)

***  We have done our best to keep the course simple and obvious, but if you get lost – get to a check station and talk to a ZORT (Zombie Outbreak Response Team) or ask a friend or Runner near you.  Don’t ask Zombies, they just want to eat your brains and take your flags.

Runners, please remember this:  Our Zombies are VOLUNTEERS:

***  Zombies have been trained to not physically contact any runner other than trying to grab a flag from your belt. ***  Event organizers will NOT permit any pushing, hitting, shoving, slapping or otherwise mean behavior from Zombies, or Runners.  This is FUN, remember? ***  Your job is to run away from Zombies, that is all.

Zombie rules (yes, we have rules for the undead)

***  Zombies are not permitted to make direct contact with runners other than grabbing flags.  Mean, inappropriate behavior will result in immediate removal from the Event. ***  We have done our best to design a course with flow, but zombies are never to grab a flag from a runner if the runner is in or on an obstacle, or waiting to start an obstacle.  (I mean, apocalypse or not, that’s just not fair!) ***  Zombies must obey course officials and ZORT (Zombie Outbreak Response Team) leaders at all times. It’s a rare thing for zombies to have leaders, or even think straight, but we have them, and they must be obeyed. ***  Some zombies will run, most will walk/stumble, all zombies will go after your flags with gusto! ***  All Zombies must sign in when they arrive, and out when they go; at the Event coordinator tent. ***  Any Zombie that shows up to volunteer that is intoxicated in any way, will be sent home immediately.  Not cool, not funny, not allowed.

Rules for RUNNERS:

***  Flags must be visible to course officials and zombies at all times, and be worn on the sides or your body.  We do NOT recommend you place them below your belly in front of your…. ‘you know what’.  You cannot tuck them in, hide them under your clothing, tie them into a knot, or stick them in your pocket.  (what fun would THAT be?) ***  Direct or intentional physical contact with any other runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. We are VERY clear about this: You do not touch other runners or zombies in a harmful or inappropriate way.  Yes, this includes slapping, tripping, hitting, punching, kicking, slamming, spitting, biting, or anything harmful or hurtful.  If a Zombie scares the beejeebers out of you, go ahead and scream, just don’t hurt anyone.  Anyone who violates this rule will be charged with assault and removed from the Event by the RCMP. ***  Remember: even if all of your flags have been taken, you are NOT automatically transformed into a zombie!  (the infection takes time)  So there is no need to take another runner’s flags, chase other runners, and YES, you can pick up flags off the ground.  It’s like finding a health pack in a video game, plus it helps us keep the golf course clean!  If you get to the finish line without any ribbons, we will save you in the decontamination tent, where we will spray you with ice cold anti Zombie spray, and then you need to do FIVE burpees to get the serum to work.  (it’s way better to keep your flags!) ***  We have designed the course appropriately, but just to be clear, NEVER run on the golf greens – this is a golf course, and I wish to remain FRIENDS with the owners.  They are being REALLY cool in letting us run all over the place – so be VERY respectful please.  We want to come back year after year. ***   You must be early to check in – at least 20-30 minutes BEFORE your wave start (but please, not an hour, or two).  After check in, you must line up in the start coral 10 minutes before your start time. ***  PARKING is limited – so please car pool with friends, and do not be too early, nor stay all night, so that others can park.  You may NOT park on the highway, or you will be ticketed and towed (their rules, not ours).  You can also park at Best Body Fitness and car pool in from there – it’s about 3kms away. ***  YES, you can help each other, work as a team etc.  This is the apocalypse, we have to stay together! ***  Runners must be 12 years of age or older by race day in order to participate, and have a parent with them at check in and on site at all times.  (no, your parents do not have to run with you if they don’t want to) ***  Anyone that is visibly intoxicated will be sent home.  Drunk people can be dangerous in an event like this, we are NOT interested.  After the Zombie race – yah, go get your groove on!  100% have at ‘er!

More Rules (sorry, gotta set things up for the benefit of everyone!):

*** NO, you cannot bring weapons! No clubs, guns, fake guns, nun-chucks, ninja swords etc.  Just pretend the apocalypse happened while you were visiting your grandma, and you were caught unprepared…… ***  I’ve already said it before, but no drugs, alcohol, or outside food/beverages are permitted on the property. ***  Sorry, as much as we love them, and when the apocalypse comes, we will want them at our side: No pets will be allowed at the Event. ***  Due to a limited amount of space, please, no spectators.  There really isn’t much of a chance to watch anyway – as the course is closed off.  That said, if Mom and Dad need to wait at the finish line – they can do that. ***  We are working on getting a photographer for the event – details for that will come when they are available. ***  Runners, Zombies and gawkers (Spectators) must abide by all instructions given from the Race Directors, race staff, volunteers and medical personnel.

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FAQ section (click me).

If you have any questions that you do not see here – drop me a note!

“info  at  bestbodyfitness dot com”

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Happy Training! Scott

2014 sponsors are coming on line all the time – I will post their logo’s as they come on board…

For now, I am leaving the 2013 sponsors up…..

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