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Are you ready to crank your workouts to the next level?

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Best Body Fitness is Sylvan Lake’s oldest, largest, and most respected fitness center. In spite of over 16 years serving our community, we are ALWAYS looking to improve, change, grow, and offer more!

We have 5 instructors certified in Crossfit level 1 or better.

No….we are not a Crossfit facility…(that’s actually a pretty funny story, but you can ask us personally about that).

Warrior Strength is an amazing workout system where we focus on safe and effective movements while we encourage you to push your limits to meet your fitness goals: even the ones you thought you never could achieve! We employ the fundamentals of the other guys, such as Olympic lifting, gymnastics, cardiovascular endurance and more, all to supply you with an endless array of challenging workouts to keep your body and your mind guessing and more importantly….adapting!

Warrior Strength is an individual effort, however, we are a team, and your coaches and other athletes (yes…..you are an athlete) will work to support, encourage and challenge each other.

Class sizes are extremely limited, so we can offer the BEST service possible.

Classes are 1 hour in length and if you have not tried if before, your first workout is FREE! .

Classes fill up fast, do NOT miss this!!

Contact us today and discover new limits of fitness…. and then blow them away!







Click this link to get to our live schedules. Then click Warrior Strength


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