TV Motivation

What?  Watching TV?  Really?  Yes.

There are a few things this time of year that are VERY inspiring!  The 99th Tour de France just finished, and was made up of 1 prologue and 20 stages and covered a total distance of 3,497 kilometres.  Although there are some shadows over the event pertaining to drug use every year, it remains a VERY exciting event to watch, and drugs or not, the skills and mental toughness required to complete the race are impressive!  It’s like a 3 week long chess game on bicycles.  The more you watch, the more you understand the team dynamics and the points, and who is doing what and why.

Watching the daily race show is great, but if after that, you get outside on your OWN bike and go for a ride, NOW we’re talking!  It doesn’t have to be an epic ride of ridiculous proportions, but use the motivation from the race to inspire you to move.  People are always trying to cut back and restrict calories, but going for a good long bike ride will burn a lot of calories and that seems more fun to me that cutting back meals.

Another awesome event coming up fast, is the Olympics!  Starting July 25th and running until the 12th of August, the Olympics is worth staying up late or getting up early for!  As a Canadian, I get more excited about the Winter Olympics than the Summer version.  As a dominant winter country, we tend to do much better at the Winter games than Summer, but that doesn’t take away from the excitement of watching the best athletes in the world show their stuff!  Certainly my eyes will be focused on the triathlon events on August 4th and 7th as some of the folks I have been on team Canada with, will be competing for the good old maple leaf at the biggest race of them all.  I certainly hope that Simon Whitfield can pull off another gold medal, and Paula Findlay from Edmonton has been dominating the sport for the past few years and it will be pins and needles to see if she has a great day on the 4th.

The Olympics is so inspirational, not only because of what people can do, but for me, what it took to get there, and the humanity of the challenge.  Shot putter Dylan Armstrong missed the podium in Beijing by one centimeter. Can you imagine?  For the past 4 years, I figure he has been working on throwing that shot put farther, by just the width of a pen!  The sacrifices these people make – balancing work and training – as most Canadian athletes are not sponsored, funded or taken care of, so they must carry jobs to compete.  That alone inspires me more than athletes of some other countries who’s highly funded athletes walk the red carpet to the Olympics and do well.  It kind of makes us underdogs, and I like that somehow.

After watching the Olympics, I cannot help but be inspired and want to head out and DO something.

Here’s a CHALLENGE for you:  Watch the Olympics and at EVERY commercial break – exercise.  Break the cycle of the couch!  What if you did 10 push up burpees, or jumping jacks, crunches, lunges, squats or shoulder presses at every commercial?  Can you imagine?  Are you up for it?

The Olympics are 19 days long.  A typical 30-minute block of TV time now includes 22 minutes of programming and eight minutes of advertisements.  If you watched Olympics for just one hour a day, and we assume the 8 minutes of commercials was split into 2 x 4 min segments, that would mean you could do 4 sets of burpees an hour, for 19 days.  If you managed 10 push up burpees in each 4 minute set, which is TOTALLY possible, then you could perform 760 burpees during the Olympics.  COOL!  What if you did 13 burpees per commercial break during the first 10 days, then 14 per commercial break for the next 9 days, and on the LAST commercial break – did 15 burpees, you will have completed 1025 burpees.   Not only will you have enjoyed the Olympics, but I guarantee you will be stronger and more fit at the end!  Now…..what if you watch two hours a day…….

Happy Training!