Train your Trainer

Best Body Fitness is having its First Annual TRAIN YOUR TRAINER event!

Friday, December 7th, 2pm to 6pm.

Yes, we know that we will be sore as hell Saturday….for our Christmas Party….. (no sympathy??)

First off,  I wanted to share this with you,  I posted a question to a friend of mine, who also owns a personal training business, and to see if he had any thoughts on how to run such an event as this.  Here’s what he had to say:  “We actually haven’t done train the trainer I’ve always been nervous about it on the premise of someone asking one of us to do something in fun not understanding potentially the danger and us having to say no. That or something that the trainer doesn’t perform as well as might be expected and it reflecting negatively.”

He makes a VERY good point, and I wanted to ensure that you know what we are risking……We are in fact, human.  We do have limits, and we are willing to show you our limits, raw and bare, just like you do for us.  Lots of trainers are unwilling to do that, because they want to preserve their ego.  We don’t have ego’s (well, ok, maybe fragile ones), and we know without question, that you will lovingly crush us and we will reach failure and go beyond it.  We know that many of you are in fact, in way better shape than we are (you are welcome), and we are up for you seeing that anyway!!

For his other point, he talks about risk, again, another excellent point: As Trainers at BBF, we must know over 500 exercises, must know anatomy, physiology, planning for particular benefits, nutrition and much more.  We plan your workouts to serve you, to work on improving your weaknesses, balance, strength, and more.  We are careful to push you, not kill you.  We run the risk next Friday of hurting ourselves by trying to please you, so we too, have to be careful.   We know that you know that, and of course, we wouldn’t do this if we didn’t trust you!  Plus…..we will remember if you were kind…or particularly evil….. 😉  This is, above all, a charity FUNdraiser.

Speaking of the charity – we think we have decided on that.  We wanted to support the Steffe Woima breakfast program, but it is well funded by No Frills….but they are fundraising to build a playground…..

We have also considered the SPCA……  Will advise as we get closer.

Also, Madison and Dan were very clear with me, that they are doing this as volunteers and ask that their normal wages be donated to the charity as well.  I think that is AWESOME and am willing to go one further:  IF the clients can raise $720, then BBF will donate up to the full charge rate of $60 per hour for each of the three of us to the charity.  So if we can keep all three of us busy for 4 hours, that is 3 trainers, x $60 per hour, x 4 hours = $720.  We will match dollar for dollar what you bring in, up to $720.  Sound good?

OK, rules:

** Payment is a cash donation of suggested $20 minimum for 15 minutes.  You may choose which trainer you are purchasing.  Your 15 minutes include any instructions, set up etc.

** You may have the trainer perform a number of reps, or for a period of time, your choice.

** You may have the trainer perform one exercise, or several.

** If a trainer deems any exercise to be unsafe or risky to their health, the trainer has the right to say no at any time and ask for an alternate.  Please note any injuries your trainer has (Madison has a knee cartilage injury and cannot perform leg exercises, for example.  Dan and Scott are allergic to Zumba)

** Trainers will give 100%  When we fail, we will need to rest a minute.

** Clients may buy 15 minute rest periods for their trainer.

** A 30 minute recovery period is planned at the half way point for recovery and fueling.  If someone purchases this time, so much the better for the charity!

** It is our hope, that all three trainers will all be going at the same time to maximize the fundraising.

** The event will take place in the large studio.  Please come and watch, please take photo’s, please have fun!

** Yes, you can choose the music – keeping in mind, that 3 trainers may all be going at once – so you will have to come to agreement on that between the other clients.

** You may use any equipment you choose, including equipment in the cage. (no, we cannot bring the attack wall or big tire upstairs…..)

** A sign up sheet per trainer will be made available at the front desk.

** The event runs from 2pm to 6pm.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Thanks for your support!

Scott, Madison and Dan