Three Secrets To Massive Strength Gains

If you’re going about your workout and have set the goal to get stronger, then there are some key training principles that you need to keep in the back of your mind.  Many people set the general goal to get stronger as that’s one of the primary reasons they choose to perform weight lifting, but they never really put a concentrated effort to making this goal happen.

If your strength gains have been taking the backseat for far too long, then the following strategies will help you get things moving again.  Getting stronger does take some work and effort, but with the right plan in place, it’s definitely possible.

Always Focus On Weight Lifted

The very first must-do if you want to see significant strength gains is to make sure that lifting heavier weight always takes priority.

The problem many people encounter is that they tend to get very wrapped up in advanced principles such as drop sets, supersets, crash sets, and so on that they never really add more weight to the bar.

But, what’s the definition of strength?

How much you can press for one rep.

So, it would only make sense that if you’re training for max strength, you need to be focused on lifting more weight.  Don’t let advanced protocols crowd out this goal. As soon as you can increase the amount of weight you’re lifting while still maintaining good form, make sure you do so.

Take Care Of Recovery

The second important point to note if you want to see great strength gains is that you should always be making sure that you take care of recovery.

So many people who are seeking strength gains think that the fastest way to get there is getting in the gym as often as possible.

But, if you go into the gym before you’re fully recovered from your last session, all you’re really doing is causing the body to get weaker.

You must let the full recovery take place before you hit the body again otherwise you will never see the strength gains you’re looking for.

What you do outside of the gym for recovery purposes can be just as important as what you do inside the gym, so keep this in mind at all times.

Switch Exercises Up Often

Finally, the last vital point to note if you want to make strength gains the top mission of your workouts is to ensure that you’re regularly changing around the exercises you’re doing.

If you’re going into the gym and doing the same exercises over and over again, the body is going to eventually get used to this.  While you don’t want to change out your exercises each and every session otherwise you would struggle to have time to be able to lift more weight over 4-5 sessions, you shouldn’t repeat the same workout more than 10-12 times without some sort of adjustment.

Keeping the body guessing as to what comes next ensures that it’s always making adaptations and growing stronger.

So there you have the top things that you must note if you want to see remarkable strength gains.  Gaining strength does take time and may feel like it’s progressing along rather slowly at certain points in your workout, but if you keep at it, you will see progress.