Take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill

No, I am not talking about a prescription, and if you haven’t seen the movie ‘The Matrix’, let me explain:

In the movie, the two main characters are meeting for the first time.  Morpheus (the wise teacher) offers Neo (the young student) to choose one of two pills.  If Neo takes the Red Pill, Morpheus will teach him, and tell him all of the secrets of the world around him as it actually is, how it works and who Neo really is.  If he takes the Blue Pill, then he goes back to his life of not knowing anything and just putting in time in his dead end job.

It’s an amazing analogy that really speaks to the resistance to change and lack of motivation that holds so many people hostage.  That in reality people would rather stay stuck where they are than accept the challenge to understand what is really going on, and to change.  You might think that doesn’t make any sense, but the truth is, it is easier to stay where we are, keep doing the things we are doing the way we are doing them because we know how it works.

Being overweight is easy.  We know what foods to eat, how they taste, where to find them, and what they cost.  We know what to wear, how to act, and how others will react to us as we are.  There is nothing to immediately sacrifice, change, or risk, and we ignore the potential consequences that may come later, because right now, this is easy.  If you were to get fit and healthy it might mean that your friends and family wouldn’t agree, or come along, or feel comfortable.  Chances are, if you are overweight and unhealthy, so are your friends and family, and if you should suddenly change they might not support you.  On your new eating plan you would choose to stop eating out at the high fat, high sugar, low nutrition places that are part of your current lifestyle, which would mean you couldn’t hang out with your group any more.  If you did join them at those places, you would be the one person drinking water with lemon, and eating a healthy choice.  Everyone would give you a hard time and maybe even ridicule you and insist that you join them.  This is a common response in human social groups; people want their friends to be just like them, and they are not willing to confront the things they feel guilty over if suddenly you do just that.

One of my business coaches was telling me a story of being in Alaska on a fishing trip.  Standing beside a fisherman with a bucket of crabs in it, he observed one crab clawing its way to the top rim of the bucket and approaching escape and freedom.  My coach pointed out to the fisherman that this was happening and the fisherman calmly said it wasn’t a problem, and to just watch what happened next.  Sure enough, as the one crab was about to reach the rim of the bucket and escape, all the other little crabs reached up and hauled the one crab back down into the bucket, preventing it from escaping, but keeping the community intact.

So one of the problems you may have with changing is that you have crabs…….

The other challenge may just be perspective.  Have you ever noticed a fly in your house or work, banging against the window, trying and trying and trying to get out?  The sad fact is that directly behind the fly a short flight away, is an open door (the one it flew in through in the first place) which leads directly to freedom.  The fly only sees what it wants, and tries harder and harder and harder to escape, but dies after completely exhausting itself trying over and over again to reach the outside world.

The fly doesn’t have crabs, but it needs a better action plan.

Being willing to change is the first step, taking the Red Pill.  Then you will need to make sure your friends and family are on board with helping you succeed, and finally, you need an effective action plan to get you where you are going.

If motivation and action are holding you back, and no matter how hard you try, you seem to end up right back where you started every time, then perhaps it is time for you to consider the ‘Unlocking The Warrior Code’ course.  A one day course on finding out what is really stopping you from the inside, and then dealing with it immediately and taking charge of your life.

If you are ready to change, please get in touch with me immediately, to find out when the next course will be.

Happy Training!