Symptoms Of Overtraining You Must Know About

After taking the step to search for personal training in Sylvan Lake and getting started on a new workout program, one thing that you must make sure to keep in the back of your mind is overtraining prevention.

Many of those who are new to fitness and who are just starting with their personal training in Sylvan Lake are highly excited to get going and get on the path to results.  They’ll hit the gym daily and give 110% effort each and every time, even if it means pushing way past the point of fatigue.

While it’s great that you’re really putting in a high amount of effort to get the workouts completed, it’s vital that you remember that there is such a thing as too much.  If you push too hard without sufficient down time for recovery, you will become overtrained and then you’ll have to give up your personal training in Sylvan Lake sessions for a few weeks if not longer.

Understanding the key symptoms of overtraining to watch out for will help you do your best to prevent its occurrence so let’s go over the main things that you should note so this issue will never be a problem for you.

Lack Of Motivation

The very first sign of overtraining to be on the lookout for is a clear lack of motivation. If you normally are very excited about each and every personal training in Sylvan Lake that you attend but lately feel like you could care less about it, that’s a sign something’s up.

Everyone will have a bad day now and then, but if this has persisted for longer than a week, it may be time to take a few days off and let the body recover.

Reduced Appetite

The next sign of overtraining is if you’re suffering from a reduced appetite level.  If you are typically quite hungry after your personal training in Sylvan Lake workouts but lately have found that you aren’t hungry at any point during the day, take note of that.

Or, if you’re experiencing the opposite and you’re always hungry even after eating a full meal this could also be a clear sign your body is trying very hard to keep up with recovery demands.

Poor Sleep Quality

Moving on, very poor quality sleep is also another sign of overtraining.  If you’re not sleeping enough this is going to be extra detrimental because sleep is the primary time when the body goes into high recovery mode.

Often those who are on the verge of overtraining will wake up early in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep, so that’s something to be on the lookout for.

Decreased Performance

Finally, the last and most obvious symptom of overtraining is a sharp decline in performance during your personal training in Sylvan Lake workouts.  Since overtraining literally means your body isn’t recovering from workout to workout, this means you’ll be entering each session weaker than you were before.

As this continues on, eventually you may start to lose lean muscle mass and then you really won’t be performing like you could.

The result of your workouts should be to make you stronger, not weaker, so if you’re not moving forward, it may be time to reassess your plan.

So there you have some of the key points about overtraining to monitor in yourself. If you notice any of these are occurring, take a day or two off. If you catch it in the early stages this is often enough to get your body back on track so you can continue to enjoy your personal training in Sylvan Lake workouts.