Sylvan Lake Boot Camp

If you’re like many adults, everyone else comes first. While you may have a fitness goal you intend to achieve, everything else seems to get into your way. Even when you carve out exercise time, something always interrupts you in the middle. Your health and appearance is too important, so getting a head start on your fitness goal at a Sylvan Lake Boot Camp. You’ll turn off your phone and spend your time at camp focusing on fitness goals that are important to you, finally taking the time to take care of your health, improving appearance, stamina and strength.

A Personal Trainer Leads a Boot Camp

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to fitness at a boot camp. You don’t have to be at any particular level of fitness to attend. The personal trainer assesses every participant, listens to his or her goals and learns of any special needs before creating a workout plan for each individual in the group. You’ll use little or no equipment, but instead focus on calisthenics, body weight exercises and other functional fitness workouts. While you’ll work your hardest, you’ll still find the goal within your grasp.

The camp may provide nutritional information.

Some camps may focus on weight loss and offer nutritional information. The personal trainer won’t give you a diet, but provide information on how to eat healthier. Diets just don’t work, primarily because they always end— either in successful weight loss or in a half crazed feeding frenzy. Instead, the personal trainer shows you how to make wiser food selections. It may involve substituting one lower calorie food for a higher calorie one, such as using Greek yogurt to replace sour cream, or learning how to cook your foods healthier. Even if you don’t have to lose weight, eating healthier can improve your overall fitness by providing all the nutrients your body requires.

Boot camp can be fun.

Even though you’re working hard at a boot camp, you’ll still have plenty of comradery. Everyone at the camp works to his or her maximum capacity, so each person understands just how difficult the goals can be. You’ll often hear words of encouragement when someone has difficulty reaching a goal or cheers and applause when they do.

While everyone may be doing the same exercise, each person does different forms of it and different repetitions and levels of intensity. If pushups are the exercise, novices may do modified bent knee ones, while super fit people may do fingertip ones.
You’ll learn how to do each exercise correctly. Not only does the trainer show you how to do the exercise, he or she watches to insure you do it right. Doing an exercise incorrectly can cause injury or minimize the benefits.
You’ll learn exercises you can do anywhere. Since you use very little equipment, you’ll learn a wide selection of exercises you can do at home after camp ends.
You’ll see results faster and results provide motivation to continue your exercise program after the camp ends.

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