Supplements To Support Recovery

If you’re looking to see the best results from your hard training sessions, one element of the equation that you can’t be forgetting to take into account is your recovery.

If you aren’t recovering optimally between each workout session you do, you’re literally going into the gym weaker than before.  Since you want to be getting stronger instead, full recovery is a must.

Fortunately, there are some key supplements on the market that can help to boost your recovery so that you can see faster muscle building and enhanced fat loss progress.

Let’s take you through the top supplements that you should know about.


The very first recovery supplement that you should strongly consider is glutamine.  Glutamine is a particular amino acid that is closely related to the immune system function and will support proper healing and recovery on a daily basis.

Each and every workout you perform is going to hit your immune system hard, so if you have other stressors taking place during the day, you’re definitely going to be at a disadvantage.

If it becomes more than your immune system can handle, overtraining will quickly set in and you’ll be forced out of the gym.

By using glutamine you help bring up the capacity of your immune system so it’s never falling behind.

Whey Isolate Protein Powder

The second smart supplement to use to help boost your recovery rates is a quality whey isolate protein powder.  Getting the amino acids to the muscle tissues immediately after each workout session you perform is imperative for a fast recovery and to prevent further muscle breakdown.

While you could feast on some solid food such as egg whites or chicken breasts, both great sources of protein, these aren’t ideal during this time as they simply take too long to hit the muscle cells.

Instead, use a whey isolate protein powder. This has been designed to move right into the muscle tissues where it’s needed so you’ll never have that downtime when your muscles are starved for their essential building blocks.


Finally, to top off your recovery supplementation, consider maltodextrin or some other form of simple carb such as dextrose or waxy maize.

These tend to work best in a post workout shake with whey protein powder because they will spike your insulin levels, allowing the carbohydrates to move right into the muscles where they’ll be converted to muscle glycogen for fuel for your next workout.

Getting in carbohydrates immediately after the workout is just as important as getting in protein is and these carb sources will do the trick perfectly.

If you were to eat a more wholesome carbohydrate such as brown rice, you would still be getting in carbohydrates, but they wouldn’t hit the muscles nearly as quickly therefore wouldn’t enhance recovery to the same extent.

Instead, save those carbohydrate sources for later on in the day when you should be eating them and go for fast acting carbs post-workout.

So there you have the top tips to remember in order to promote a good recovery ability so that you can come back to each workout stronger than the last.  Don’t neglect to pay attention to your recovery as it will be the missing link to your workout success if you do.