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Lyle Katchur

These days I don’t even think about my age. I honestly don’t. When someone asks me my age, or the topic of age comes up I actually have to think for a second how old I am. It’s because I honestly do not feel a day over 30.I have reversed my mental ‘age-image’ of myself by over 10 years. I weigh less than I did when I was in high school. I’ve never ever been in this good of shape in my entire life. It’s a very powerful feeling. It continues to drive me.


Bobbe C
11 pounds of fat gone in one month!

In February she focused on her nutrition plan, and kept up with her workouts and dropped 11 pounds of fat, while building 3 pounds of muscle for a 14 pound shift!

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Gerri Baier
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Without a doubt it is the hardest training I have ever done. I am excited as well as a little anxious for the actual race day- but the one thing I know for sure is that our awesome trainers will have us thoroughly prepared. I actually see Madison, Dan and Scott more as coaches than trainers. They put so much of themselves into seeing that we do well. The workouts are stellar and the trainers are always there with help. They are also hugely motivational. They always believe “we can do it” and expect the best from us. I personally find and I believe all of us are finding they make us dig deeper, finding reserves we didn’t know we had!

The group workouts are the best. It is so fun to be connected to like minded “crazies” as my husband puts it. To see how much everyone has progressed is amazing- wow! I remember the first day of Smackdown and how hard that was! But look at us now, taking on “The Wall”! I guess we are crazy. A crazy fun group, a crazy great group of trainers and a crazy great gym! I love this place!

Thank-you so much Scott, Madison and Dan for all your hard work! We will do our best to make you proud on race day. “We will know at the finish line”!

Shawna Prete

1.What made you choose Best Body Fitness?

I chose to come to Best Body Fitness because of my good friend who works here. She was very influential in me starting a work out regime. She spoke very highly of the trainers and the facilities!

2. What exactly have your results been training at Best Body Fitness?

My results have been great! I was very apprehensive to start the boot camp but I am so glad I did. I have lost some weight, I feel stronger and I feel more confident having finished the Smackdown program. I feel better about myself and I am looking forward to continuing on with Best Body Fitness to see even better results! My energy levels have definitely increased and I actually enjoy working out now!

3. What do you think has been different about Best Body Fitness vs. other programs you have tried?

I feel that the difference about Best Body Fitness is the atmosphere in the gym, it is very positive! I’ve also been impressed with how helpful and motivating all the staff are! Right down to the front desk staff. Everyone has been so nice and it makes me look forward to coming! I also appreciate the knowledge that the trainers have and how willing they are to help with diet plans, recipes etc.. Going to a gym and starting a boot camp when you haven’t exercised in a long time can be very intimidating but I have had nothing but encouragement and positive feed back! Thanks!

4. Would you recommend Best Body Fitness and why?

I would definitely recommend Best Body Fitness! It has been an amazing experience. I am so impressed with the staff, the facilities and the atmosphere! I believe I’ve received excellent service and excellent value for my money. Best Body Fitness is by far the best gym in our area and I am so happy I made the decision to come to Best Body Fitness. It has been life changing and I look forward to continue on the path towards better health and fitness. What sets it apart from other gyms is that they focus on overall health and have a lot of knowledge and experience in nutrition! Thank you so much for all you have done to help me achieve my goals!


1.What made you decide to visit Best Body Fitness?

I was looking to start the process of making a change in my life. I had been down this road before but with only bits and pieces, not the whole puzzle of which direction to lead. A friend convinced me last minute to give this a try. So after a bit of back and forth I decided what the heck lets give it a try! And if I lived, I’d be sure to tell about it!

2. What exactly have your results been training at Best Body Fitness?

Well I’ll be honest I was never in this to win it! From the start I began to wonder how crazy I must have been to sign up for something like this and I really had to focus to recognize why I was doing this. If it was for anything at all but to just finish the six weeks. I couldn’t of expected myself to be perfect all at once. I didn’t want to focus on my short falls, I needed to push myself to recognize my accomplishments. I have been able to do things for myself I never thought were physically possible for me to do! I feel stronger, more clear minded and I have way more energy that I ever had before. No matter what my results are, it was more about starting and heading in the right direction then not starting at all. And I will get there!

3. What do you think has been different about Best Body Fitness vs other programs you have tried?

The difference at Best Body Fitness is it is the full package. I have done many, many, many different programs all of which have taught me something or added a better understanding to fitness or food. But I can definitely say Best Body Fitness was the whole puzzle, all the pieces were there just waiting for me to put them together. I truly feel that by the time I finally finish this journey I will be able to look at a beautiful, fully completed picture at the end.

4. Would you recommend Best Body Fitness and why?

Yes! The energy, support and knowledge, all of these are important when you are tackling one of your biggest obstacles in life. I couldn’t be expected to physically move a mountain by myself. But when you work as a team your chances of succeeding are so much greater. Together you can encourage, recognize accomplishments and your given the proper tools to work with. A mountain can be moved when enough individuals get on board. One bucket of rocks and dirt at a time can eventually move that mountain! This is why I recommend Best Body Fitness, they offer it all!

Sandy A

What made you decide to visit Best Body Fitness?
I wanted to start living healthier and that included working out at the gym.

2. What have your results been training at Best Body Fitness?
I’ve had on again off again periods of time throughout my training. I’ve had two pregnancies while training, one resulting in 35 pounds to lose and one in about 20 pounds. Six months after my third baby I began training for a competition and Best Body Fitness was a major part of that. The staff and the other members were extremely supportive of that. I’ve heard of other gyms where if you are training with one trainer it’s basically a no-no to speak to anyone else. Best Body Fitness isn’t like that, it’s a team. They don’t make you feel like you can’t talk to anyone else. I ended up having a great time preparing for my competition and it was fun! I’ve recently completed the 6 week Smack-Down. It was intense, it was hard and it was FUN! I really enjoyed the group setting and level of intensity. I never felt overwhelmed with the workout and I feel like everyone got the guidance and personal attention they needed. It was great and I am now going to continue with the monthly Smack-Down class. I’m excited, stronger and having a blast!

3. What do you think has been different about Best Body Fitness vs. other programs you have tried?
Accountability. There is someone there for you, I don’t feel like any question is stupid. The trainers are very informative and share the information and knowledge that is relevant to our exercises, food and supplements etc.

4. Would you recommend Best Body Fitness and why?
Of course! Best gym around in my opinion. I hear people complain about things at their gyms and I always think, “that doesn’t happen at my gym” or “my trainer would never say that.” I really like working out here and I absolutely recommend this gym!