Stay Injury Free With This Advice

If you’re someone who’s busy getting started with a new workout program, it’s easy to overlook some key things that must be in place so that you don’t become injured as you move along.

When just beginning you want to be pushing as hard as possible so you can really see some significant progress, but often this comes at the expense of proper form. Remember, not only does using improper form set you up for injury, but if you’re not using proper form then you really won’t be targeting the muscles correctly anyway, therefore won’t be seeing the results that you should be.

There are a few major form slip-ups to be aware of that you should keep in the back of your mind as you execute the movement to ensure that you aren’t making any critical mistakes that could leave you in a lot of pain.

Let’s have a quick look at the main ones to note.

Squat Mistakes

The very first exercise that many people will make a mistake with and move into improper form is the squat. Since you are lifting heavier weight when doing the squats, your chances of injury go up that much higher, so good form is absolutely imperative.

When doing this exercise the main thing to watch is that you aren’t arching your back but rather keeping a neutral alignment in the spinal column.  Should it arch or hunch over you’ll place too much stress on the lower vertebrae in the spinal column and could risk severe lower back pain.

Also be sure when squatting that you keep your knees moving directly over the toes as well to prevent grinding action taking place on that knee joint.

Shoulder Press Mistakes

The second exercise that tends to increase the risk of injury is the shoulder press.  With this one there are two things to look out for.

First, you want to ensure that you aren’t locking the elbows as you move the weight overhead.  Instead, straighten the arms but don’t lock them into position.

Secondly, as you press the weight overhead, make sure that at the same time you think of squeezing the abs while pulling up the hips.

Doing this is going to ensure that you keep the spinal column in alignment as just mentioned and prevent the development of lower back pain.

If you have to, perform this one while standing side-by-side to a mirror so you can check out your form and ensure it’s as it needs to be.

Lunge Mistakes

The lunge is the next exercise where you may start to experience improper form. With the lunge, your main mission should be to ensure that your knee is tracking directly over the toes as you lunge forward and also making sure that you are stepping directly in front of the body as well.

The biggest problems tend to occur when you step to the side of the body and thus move entirely out of alignment.

You should be moving in a direct straight line as you lunge across the room so make sure to keep that in mind.

So there you have the main things to note about three of the top injury-causing exercises.  Always doing a self-check on your form regardless of how experienced you are is essential so that you don’t find yourself sidelined with an injury.