STAFF 21 Day Detox info

Hey crew!  I have been working like crazy getting the new 21 Day Detox all ready to launch.

This program is MOSTLY about marketing, but centered around a great detox program.  The program is $129, but if folks bring a friend or tag 3 people on FB – then it is just $77.  For non members, we GIFT them 3 weeks all access to the gym.

If members somehow get a crazy idea that they should then get 3 weeks for free – no…. that’s not how it works.  the COST of the PROGRAM is $129/$77.  We are GIFTING the non members the 3 weeks to encourage new people to join, so we can keep costs low for everyone.

Obviously for $77 and 21 days, it isn’t our best meal planning or most custom, but it is a great kickstart.

The BIG thing is to create community and culture and work with our biggest fans to reward them for helping us.

Rewards are obviously the deal on the program, but also members that refer friends are entered for the draw for a 3 day, 2 night Vegas package.  People who JOIN the program Friday and Saturday are entered to win an 8 day, 7 night Mexico package.

ok… as staff – you might be wondering how we are affording all these trips?!?  Part of joining the Detox Marketing Group is access to a bulk vacation package company.  So I was able to buy these vacation packages for $1000.  Sounds like a lot, but if we can get 10 new members at $87 bi weekly – that turns into $1700 a month.  that more than covers the flights and saves our butts!  We need EFT to grow BIG TIME right now!  there are businesses in Sylvan Lake closing nearly every week and I REFUSE to be one of them!  But that means we all have to pitch in to protect ourselves.  We have to be better, care more, and SHINE!  (like we do).

Once people are in the 21 Day Detox – we will incentivise them to stay.  They get to drop their price based on fat lost during the 21 days – just like we have done before.  $1 per pound or $4 per % bodyfat dropped.  They get to earn their own discount.  After 21 days, we can enroll them in the 6 Week program – new meal plan, accountability etc.

Of course, we will also show them supplements to save them from going to GNC and getting ripped off.  Low quality garbage is a waste of money.  The supplements we have might cost a little more, but are infinitely more effective!  That is an investment, not a cost.

If you want to check out the 21 Day Detox Manual as it is so far – click here.

Let me know if questions.