Sleep And Weight Loss – The Missing Connection

As you go about your weight loss program and get started working with a personal trainer, one thing that you must be sure you’re not doing is neglecting sleep.  Far too many people put so much priority on getting their diet absolutely perfect and finding the proper workout plan to do in the gym, but then forget to take into account some key lifestyle factors that will also contribute to their progress – sleep being a big one.

Let’s take a quick look at the connection between sleep and your weight loss progress.

Sleep And Workout Quality

The very first way that sleep impacts your weight loss progress is because it’s going to have a large influence on the workout quality that you see.  If you’re extremely tired when you enter into the gym, not only are you not going to be very focused or motivated, but you just won’t have that mental drive to really push yourself to the limit.

When it comes to making maximum progress, you absolutely must be pushing yourself hard each and every workout.

Those who sleep well are going to burn more calories during their workout session as well as create the metabolic spike afterwards from the intensity to keep them burning fat all day long.

Shun sleep and you’ll miss out on this.

Sleep And Food Cravings

The second influence that sleep has on weight loss progress is the effect it has on your food cravings. If you’ve ever been lacking in sleep before, you likely know how much it can cause the body to crave certain foods – namely, simple carbs.

The brain senses that you’re very low in energy and as such, it’s going to seek out the fastest source of energy it can find.  That energy comes in the form of sugar.  So you’ll instantly start craving highly processed, sugar-rich foods to snack on to bring your blood sugar and energy levels up higher.

The only problem is that it wasn’t chemical (food) energy you needed in the first place, it was just simple sleep.

Sleep And Recovery

The third reason why sleep is imperative for fat loss results is because sleep is the primary time when the body will be recovering from those hard workout sessions.

If you’re not getting sufficient sleep, you won’t feel as strong going into each workout and again, this will influence the quality.

Furthermore, if you aren’t sleeping enough you may even start losing lean muscle mass as you could be breaking down tissue further and further each and every time you hit the gym.

You’ll already have a lower recovery capacity due to the fact you’re on the reduced calorie diet and missing out on sleep is only going to make this worse.

Sleep And Your Metabolic Rate

Finally, sleep will also influence your metabolic rate. If you’re not sleeping enough each night your body isn’t going to function as well as it could and you will start to note a decline in how many calories you’re burning off daily.

The fewer calories you burn the slower fat loss will be so this is definitely going to hold back your progress.

So there you have the key points to remember when thinking about sleep and its influence on weight loss progress.  You really must be making an effort to get enough if you want to see top notch results.