Setting Up A Cheat Meal Properly

As you go about the Sylvan Lake weight loss diet that you’ve set up, one thing that you may be wondering is whether or not you can have a cheat meal from time to time.

You’re working had at your Sylvan Lake fitness gym and are definitely dedicated to seeing the best results possible, but, in order to get the best results does this mean you must cut out all of the foods that you enjoy from your diet plan?

The truth is that when used properly, cheat meals can actually help you see even better results from your workout sessions performed in your Sylvan Lake fitness gym, so they definitely can be added to your diet plan.

But, the key is understanding how to set up the cheat meal properly.  Let’s have a look at the main things that you should remember at all times so that you can see all the benefits the cheat meal has to offer without having it hold you back.

Determine Your Frequency

The very first thing that you must be sure to do is determine how often you will have that cheat meal.  The general rule to follow is the leaner you currently are or the lower calorie your diet is, the more often you should have a cheat meal.

In both cases the body will be fighting back the hardest to prevent further fat loss so by adding the cheat meal, you can ensure that your metabolism stays strong and you continue to burn off body fat.

Those who still have 30 or more pounds to lose or who are using a very moderate diet plan should cheat less often, usually having a cheat meal around once every two weeks.

The former group of people should aim for one or two cheat meals per week instead.

Think Carefully About Your Food Selection

Second, when it comes to the foods that you eat on the cheat meal, think low fat, high carb.  Carbohydrates are going to be the nutrient that refills your stored muscle glycogen so these will help promote faster recovery from your workouts and also help you stay energized for each session you do at your Sylvan Lake fitness gym.

Furthermore, the body has a lower chance of converting a sudden influx of carbohydrates to body fat as it would a sudden influx of dietary fat, so your chances of weight regain will be lower when this is the food that you’re consuming.

The more low fat, high carb you can make that cheat meal, the better.

Time The Cheat Meal Properly

Finally, the last step is to make sure that you time your cheat meal properly. For best results, aim to perform a hard workout session in your Sylvan Lake fitness gym before having the cheat meal.

This will deplete your muscle glycogen levels so that when you do have the cheat meal, those carbohydrates move right into the muscles rather than moving to the fat stores.

This allows you to not only get the psychological relief the cheat meal has to offer, but it can actually help you build some lean muscle mass as well.

So next time you’re wondering about cheat meals, keep these points in mind. If you are working hard at your Sylvan Lake fitness gym, you can add them to your diet and have them help you reach your goals.