Keeping it awesome with Nissa’s 5 life hacks

​ Life…  it can be hectic, amazing, unpredictable, and just all over the map in all ways.
Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track to being health conscious and just plain fabulous!
1. Water all drinks down.
When water isn’t your first or only choice (drink lots of water,) water it down. Most drinks are way too sweet. I find even when watering them down with 1/4 to 1/2 water they still taste exactly same with less calories and sugars. I even water down all my alcoholic beverages, …….all of them.  Cheaper and just a bit better for you.
If it’s a cheat day, I drink more water while I’m indulging. It makes for less calories, less sugar, the drinks last longer, less hangover (if that is the way things are headed), and once you start doing this you will find that it tastes way and you will enjoy a lighter tasting drink.  PEople won’t bother offering you another drink if you always have one on hand, and they cannot tell it’s watered down.
2. Throw away your scale.
It is our job as your trainer to measure your weight… but hmmm is that the only way we measure you?
Nope. In all honesty, if we didn’t need to weigh for the body comp I would skip that whole part.
Instead of asking yourself everyday “How much do I weigh?” (and feeling like a failure when it’s not what you want it to be), ask or tell yourself these kind of questions and statements, “do I feel stronger? do I feel less tired? I killed today’s workout!  I
learned how to use a new machine today by myself!  I missed today’s workout out but that’s life, and I will kill it tomorrow!
All of those beat looking at a scale every day.  BAM!”
3. Have healthy, filling snacks on hand
Keep some in your glove compartment, keep some in your fanny pack, keep em in your desk drawer at work. Have emergency snacks with you at all times. Eating every 2-3 hours keeps us moving at our optimal levels. No one likes a ‘hangry’ person (so hungry you are angry…). Skipping a meal or snacks means you may become ‘hangry’ thus making crappy food choices because you are so hungry and will eat anything you can get your hands on. I honestly have a can of tuna in my purse at all times 😀
4. Throw away the top
Of your sandwiches that is. When you are out and about, bbqing with the neighbours, out for a casual dinner, or just at home, an easy way to keep on the healthy food choices is to skip or half the bun or bread.  At home it is easy to just have rice or quinoa or yam…. but in a bread situation, I typically will just toss the bread or bun if its not an insulting situation.  Choosing to have more protein, be it a hot dog or hamburger or sandwich, instead of all those carbs locked up in bread!!   The bun is always way too big anyways! When I do have a hot dog, I want to taste the meat, not all that bun for gosh sakes!
5. Upbeat Music is EVERYTHING
If I forget my headphones, it is the end of my world. This may not hold true to everyone but what it does for me goes way beyond this explanation. Finding upbeat, motivating, relateable music is key in my health and fitness journey. I encourage you all to make a play list that is specifically for your workouts. One that gets your heart rate going, one that makes you want to achieve goals, one that makes you want to scream out loud and just cut a rug!  One that reminds you of a time you were proud of yourself. Get those beats flowing and you will be surprised at how much more pumped up you are when are rocking out to your very own musical bliss! <3 love me them beats!!!
And this isn’t just me…. it has been proven again and again that people listening to music run faster, train harder and go farther!
There you have it folks, my best kept secrets to awesomeness.
You are all amazing and are rocking this thing called life and we are lucky to share it together.
Nissa Figler, Personal Trainer at Best Body Fitness.