“My body fat went from 30.8% to 24.6%”

What made you decide to visit Best Body Fitness?

My first visit was it opened. I like the clean, friendly atmosphere. Its’s what keeps me coming back. I’ve also had a few trainers along the way and they keep me so motivated to try new and different things that I never thought I could or  would do. I’ve had strangers come up[ to me and at the gym and give me compliments on my shape. Then I notice them trying to do my workout! Some of them are 25 years younger then me!

What exactly have your results been training at Best Body Fitness?

In the past 3 1/2 months I’ve lost 5lbs- 11lbs of FAT and gained 7 lbs of muscle. My body fat went from 30.8% to 24.6%. That makes a big difference in body measurements!5″ off my waist. I’ve weighed less in the past but I am 2 dress sizes down. My strength and stamina have increased so daily chores are much easier and my workouts are fun and get changed up every 3-4 weeks.

What do you think is different about Best Body Fitness vs other programs you have tried?

I’ve been at Body Body Fitness since it opened in 2002, but when travelling I go to different gyms and they try to convince me every year to buy their program, but they don’t have knowledgeable staff, or the place is dirty, or the equipment is so old and worn it’s unsafe. Best Body Fitness is the BEST gym in Sylvan Lake. I’ve talked to people who have gone elsewhere and they want to come back to Best Body Fitness.

Would you recommend Best Body Fitness and why?

I have recommended Best Body Fitness to my friends and relatives as they all comment on how fit I am. I remind them that it takes work and dedication and you feel like a family at Best Body Fitness. The trainers know what they’re talking about and can help with any limitations and disabilities someone might have.


Marcie Sherback