Moving From Fat Loss To Maintenance Successfully

After you’ve put in all the hard work necessary to reach your goal body weight, the next step is making sure that you move successful from weight loss to weight maintenance.

Many people often stop their diet and then gravitate back to their old eating habits, only to find that they have to enter into yet another period of fat loss dieting because of it.

Maintenance can be tricky if you don’t have a game plan in place, so understanding what you must do in order to maintain your weight successfully is vital.

Let’s go over a few tips to remember as you transition from weight loss to weight maintenance.

Choose Your Strategy

The very first thing that you must be doing is determining your strategy for maintenance.  Generally, there are two approaches that you can use.  With the first approach, you’ll simply stay on the fat loss diet you were using, but you’ll allow yourself a lot more freedom on the weekends when most people are more social to eat whatever it is that you want.

Since weight gain does come down to total calories consumed, if you’re still creating that calorie deficit during the week, then you’ll have more ‘wiggle’ room to eat a few extra calories on the weekend without suffering weight gain.

For example, if you keep your daily calorie intake of 300 calories under maintenance level, then come the weekend you’ll have 1500 calories that you can add over and above your needs and still be at a maintenance intake across the span of the week.

On the other hand, some individuals prefer to bring their daily total calorie up a little higher from that they used while dieting, so in that case they’d simply add 300-500 more calories per day all week long.

Choose which strategy best matches your preferences and then stick with it.

Take Action Immediately Should Weight Gain Occur

The second thing to remember as you transition to maintenance is that if you do notice that you are putting on weight, make sure to take action immediately.

Those who are successful with keeping off a large weight loss never let things get out of control again. If they gain a few pounds, they simply cut back for a week or two and lose those two pounds once again.

It’s far easier to lose a couple pounds by making a few dietary changes than it is to have to lose 20 because you’ve really let yourself go.

Always keep that in mind as you go about your maintenance strategy.

Keep Up Your Exercise

Another important tip is to make sure that you keep up your exercise routine. Not only will this help increase your daily calorie expenditure, but it’s one of the best methods of increasing your metabolic rate as well.

The more often you exercise the more calories you’ll be able to eat daily without suffering weight gain because of it.

Set A New Goal

Finally, last but not least, set a new goal for yourself. Now that you’ve reached your goal weight, perhaps you want to work on building up some lean muscle mass. Or, maybe you want to enter into a half marathon race.

Whatever you prefer, having a new goal that you’re striving towards will help ensure that you keep putting in the effort that got you to that body in the first place so you don’t start becoming lazy with your diet or workout routine.

So there you have a few points to remember about moving to maintenance.  You definitely can maintain the weight loss results you’ve experienced provided you have a good plan in place.