Mother of 2 goes from MOM to WOW!

At first, Nathalie had this to say:

A great place to work out. Lots of equipment and selection. Very friendly and great atmosphere” -Nathalie Grzech

Then after some work, everything changed…..

YES, that is ACTUALLY Nathalie after having two children.  Those of you with children know, gaining weight is pretty normal, it’s part of the process, but what do you do to get your body back??

I’ve learned that nutrition is key and how it plays a roll in how we look and energy levels. I’ve also learned a healthy  sustainable lifestyle can change your life. I have been able to have 2 kids and get myself back to pre-pregnancy weight and even better shape than I had before. Thank you for all of your amazing service, trainers, childcare and facility!  I couldn’t have done it without you!”- Nathalie Grzech