Since Best Body Fitness opened in May of 2002, one massage therapist has been with us, serving our members with the BEST in actual, useful massage therapy:

guy lacoursiereGuy Lacoursiere R.M.T, T.P.T.
His nickname among the trainers is: the problem solver. If you are looking for a nice, fluffy massage with whale music playing in the background, Guy isn’t it. If you have a problem, a muscle or joint that just isn’t happy, then Guy will (if possible through massage) fix what ails you. Guy is amazing at what he does, and what he does, is help people get back to functioning!

Guy graduated from the Alberta Institute of Massage in 2000 and has completed the full massage training program. Guy is a part-time instructor of massage training at the Marchand Institute. He has been practicing in Central Alberta for 12 years and keeps fit by playing sports such as basketball and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Guy has extensive experience in providing massage and trigger point therapy to all ages. In addition to pre-natal and post-natal massage, he has enjoyed success in providing relief of headaches as well as relief of pain in the upper and lower back and neck.

Certification in Trigger Point Therapy has also assisted him in providing deep tissue massage when needed as well as pain relief in the arms, legs and rotator cuff injuries, WCB, MVA and sports injuries are also areas where Guy can help you to feel better in conjunction with chiropractic treatments at the clinic. Call the front desk to get better!