Lose your ‘but’

You may think I am talking about your hiney, but that isn’t what I am referring to….actually, if you follow me through this article, you may lose your derriere as a side benefit too I suppose.  So what am I talking about this week?  I am talking about a tiny little word that stops you.  A tiny little word that is an entire sentence into itself, in fact, it is a way of life and a history of mediocrity.


It is a very powerful word.  We hear it a lot in my business:  “I would join boot camp BUT it’s probably too hard.”  “I would eat healthy BUT I am too busy, or can’t afford healthy food, or can’t give up ketchup.”  “I would work out BUT I don’t have time.”.  “I would run outside, BUT it’s too cold.”

How many times have you ‘butted’ your way out of your dreams?  “I would go talk to that girl BUT she probably won’t like me.”  “I’d like to open my own business BUT I don’t have any money to start with.”  “I’d like to travel BUT I hear it’s dangerous.”  “I would like to do a triathlon BUT I don’t know how to swim.”

It’s a killer that word……It should be considered a swear word.  It’s like a big fat eraser – it removes all meaning from anything that happens before it.  “I really like your coat, but isn’t it a bit bright?”.  The first part of that sentence is 100% fake and social pandering.  ‘but’ means, ignore all that nice stuff I just said, here comes the truth!

‘But’ is a dream killer.  I heard a quote the other day: “BUT is an argument for our limitations, and when we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them.”

So what can we do about this problematic little habit?  Is it as simple as changing a single work in a sentence?  What if it was?  What if you tried it out for a week and just observed how you shifted.

Check this out:  What if you changed the sentence around just a little bit:  “I WILL join boot camp AND it’s probably hard.”  Yes….it probably is at first, because you are just getting going.  Your muscles will need to adjust.  You can handle it.   “I would work out BUT I don’t have time.”.  could become: “I will work out AND I will make time.”.

It becomes about choice and that is so important to all of us.  ‘BUT’ gets rid of choice and keeps us stuck.  We need to create our future right now, by choosing action, by making the choice to do what we really want to do!  Start to imagine your greatness!  What if you did get fit and eat well?  What if you took care of your body?  What if you read food labels and stopped eating sugar for a while?

Like many of my clients, I was abusing my ‘but’.  “I know the food I’m eating isn’t the healthiest, but it’s fast and it isn’t too bad.”  “I know I have gained 20 pounds since my son was born but it’s because I am not sleeping well, too tired, too busy, [insert whatever lame excuse I came up with]”

The reality is, I was avoiding what was really going on, and on January 1st, like many of you, I stopped kidding myself.  I stopped eating sugar totally, I started eating clean, healthy food, I started a cleanse to clean out all the bad food I was eating, and I started working out consistently again.  I am here to tell you, even though I am a personal trainer, and have been teaching others for over 15 years, I feel FANTASTIC and all I had to do, was get off my ‘but’.  I challenge you to get of your ‘but’ too!  Stop feeding yourself junk, move your body, and write down that huge goal that you are too afraid to chase, and then go for it anyway!

Les Brown is the man that inspired me to write this…check out this video, and be inspired!!!     Les Brown Motivational Video

Happy Training!