How To Journal Properly For Success

As you get going with your personal training in Sylvan Lake sessions, one thing that you should be taking the time to do to help promote maximum success is writing in a journal.  Journaling is a great way to keep tack of your workouts, monitor trends that are occurring, and to also use a motivational tool when you feel as though all your hard work isn’t paying off.

Journaling really only takes five to ten minutes at the end of each personal training in Sylvan Lake session so it’s not something that will be a huge time commitment. But, the benefits it will provide will be rather large, so this is one task that you must not forget to do.

Let’s have a look at how you should journal correctly for best results.

Note The Workout Specifics

The very first piece of info that needs to go into your workout journal is all the specifics of your workout session. You want to list how many reps you performed, how much weight you lifted, how much rest you took, and how many sets total you did of each exercise.

This will give you a complete picture of what you did that workout session so that next time you’re in the gym, you can try and beat that.

Remember, constantly making progress means you must push yourself harder than last time so by reviewing your journal before you step food in the gym, you can determine your goal for that session.

State Your Mood

The second thing that you should make note of in your journal that far too many people overlook entirely is your mood.  The mood that you’re in as you complete your sessions can really influence how hard you push yourself, so having this listed will be helpful when it comes time to review your workout week.

This way if it was a less than optimal workout, you have likely found the reason why.

Factor In Food

Food is another thing that must get factored into the mix when writing in your journal. What you eat before you go into each workout session will influence the energy level you have during that session and how hard you can push yourself.

Jotting down a few notes about what you eat not only right before the workout but also during the hours leading up to it can enable you to figure out which types of foods tend to work best.

If you spot trends in your workout performance after eating certain meals, then you’ll know that you should aim to have that particular pre-workout meal more often.

Add Pictures

Finally, the last component to get in place in your journal after completing a few weeks worth of personal training in Sylvan Lake sessions is some progress pictures.

Pictures really help to complete the journal as then you can really spot changes in your body.  Sometimes it can be difficult to see day to day changes as you’re constantly facing yourself in the mirror but when you look across a longer time span of 4-6 weeks, the changes become obvious.

So don’t hesitate any longer to get started with a proper journal to supplement your personal training in Sylvan Lake sessions.  It’s a great training tool that you definitely should be making use of.