How To Eat Healthy At A Fast Food Restaurant

As you go about your Sylvan Lake weight loss program, there’s going to come a time when you are about to hit the drive thru for a quick bite on the run. In a perfect world you would prepare each and every meal and snack you were going to consume at home so that you could control all the nutrients you were taking in, but life gets busy and we all know that it isn’t a ‘perfect world’.

When times get tight you are better off making some smart choices than forgoing food altogether as that could just set you up for extreme hunger and an all-out binge later on.

Fortunately, if you choose wisely when pulling through the drive-thru it doesn’t mean your entire Sylvan Lake weight loss diet has to be thrown off track.  Let’s have a quick look at some of the key tips to keep in mind when dining at a fast food restaurant so that you can succeed with your weight loss program.

Keep Portion Size Under Control

If there’s one thing that you absolutely must do when dining in a fast food restaurant it’s to be mindful of your portion size.  Remember, you can have a small bite to eat now and then have a healthier snack in an hour or two’s time when you are around foods that are part of your diet.

So rather than ordering a full blown meal and really racking up the calories, consider this just a light snack to tide you through for the next few hours.  This will automatically reduce the calories you consume by at least half, making it that much less detrimental to your diet plan.

Choose Grilled Protein

The second must-know tip when dining in a fast food location is to always opt for grilled protein, namely grilled chicken breast.  Most fast food restaurants will offer grilled chicken breast as an option and you typically can’t go wrong here.

The big problem comes when you choose breaded over grilled as then you’ll easily add another 100-200 calories in that breading.

Choosing grilled will help you maintain a lower carb diet and keep your calorie count in check.

Opt For A Basic Salad

If you want to be really smart and healthy when dining at a fast food restaurant, choose a very basic salad. Since a salad isn’t cooked there’s no way the chefs can add any hidden fats or sugars in during the cooking process, so what you see is what you get.

Just be sure to request the dressing on the side and avoid high-fat add-ins like croutons, cheese, dried fruit, ramen noodles, or high amounts of nuts.  While some nuts will be okay since they’re healthy fats, sprinkle these on yourself so you can keep the calorie count under control.

Consider Soup Or Chili

Finally, don’t overlook the option of soup or chilli. Most soup or chilli dishes at fast food restaurants are around 100-200 calories and are quite low in fat.  For a quick snack to tide you over, these tend to work perfect and will even supply some vegetables as well.

Thinking away from the traditional burger or sandwich may just be the perfect way to keep your Sylvan Lake weight loss diet in tact.

So don’t let fast food dining ruin your diet any longer. Follow these tips and you can eat out and stick with your plan.