Four Tips To A Faster Metabolism

If you want to have the fastest rate of fat loss possible, one thing that you absolutely must be doing, no questions asked, is increasing your metabolic rate in whatever ways possible.

Your metabolic rate is the determinant of how many calories your body burns at rest all throughout the course of the day so the more calories it’s burning, the faster weight loss will move along.

Many people do have sluggish metabolisms due to crash dieting and lack of physical activity over the years, but the good news is that with a few simple adjustments, you can change this trend.

Let’s look at four quick tips that you can use to increase your metabolism so you can blast fat fast.

Get Sufficient Sleep

One of the most overlooked factors for weight loss success is, believe it or not, sleep.  The time of the day when you’re burning off the least calories could in fact have the most significant influence over how fast fat loss progress takes place.


Not only will getting sufficient sleep help ensure that your metabolism runs at top speeds during the day, but getting enough sleep is also important for helping to regulate insulin sensitivity so that you have an easier time maintaining your calorie reduced diet.

Eat Enough Calories And Protein

The next step to take to make sure your metabolism is running along as quickly as possible is making sure that you do eat enough calories throughout the day.  While you definitely do need to be following a reduced calorie diet, take these calories too low and you’ll see fat loss slow right down as the metabolism comes to a crawl.

A moderate calorie deficit is what you’re after – not a ‘starvation’ calorie diet.

In addition to this, also be sure that you’re eating enough protein throughout the day because protein is the one nutrient that will also boost the metabolism simply because digesting it consumes so much energy by the body.

Change Your Workout Often

Another quick tip to boost your metabolism is to make sure that you’re always changing the exercises that you’re doing as well.  If you are not challenging your body sufficiently enough with your workouts since you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you won’t be creating any ‘metabolic disturbance’, where you’re pushing it beyond its comfort zone.

Push harder and make it perform a task it’s never done before. Whether it’s lifting a heavier weight, doing a new exercise, or taking less rest between sets, all of these will boost the metabolic rate.

Cheat On Your Diet

Finally, the last quick tip to help boost your metabolism and make sure you’re optimizing your fat burning is to cheat on your diet every once in a while.

As strange as it may seem, cheating can actually help to speed up your metabolism because it sends the signal to the body that the diet is over and there’s no need to conserve fuel.

Whenever you reduce your calorie intake your body will slow down slightly – how much is directly correlated with the degree of the reduction as we touched upon earlier.

But by cheating, you increase the metabolism again so that when you do move back to the reduced calorie diet, it’s running faster than it was before.

Plus, you’ll kill some cravings with the odd cheat meal as well, which will obviously be a benefit for sticking with your diet plan.

So there you have the most important tips to remember about keeping your metabolism on high so that you can see fast fat loss results.  If you’re metabolism is running slowly, you’re fighting an uphill battle from the start.