Five Tricks To Slash Calories Fast

If you’re looking to experience rapid rates of fat loss, one thing that you must be sure you’re looking into is reducing your total calorie intake.  While you can create weight loss through increased energy expenditure by doing hours of exercise per week, it can get hard to match the degree of reduction that you’d get with dietary adjustments through activity alone.

Getting in regular workouts is definitely imperative to success, but you’ll see much better results if you couple that with a good diet plan.

Let’s take a brief look over five painless ways that you can slash calories quickly and jumpstart your weight loss progress.  Losing weigh doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as some people make it out to be as long as you follow some simple strategies.

Swap Spaghetti Squash For Pasta

The very first thing that will quickly take your calorie level and push it downwards is to swap out your spaghetti and have some spaghetti squash instead.  This vegetable makes for a great replacement for the high carb pasta and will decrease the calorie intake of the meal by at least half.

It’s simple and quick to prepare and looks just like spaghetti so you’ll hardly notice a difference.

Use Applesauce Rather Than Oil

Next, if you’re someone who does quite a bit of baking, consider replacing some of the oil called for in the recipe with some applesauce instead.  Not only will applesauce provide a small dose of fiber, but it’s also completely fat free.

This will really decrease the calorie count while lowering the overall fat content as well. Just be sure to purchase unsweetened applesauce so that you aren’t taking in a load of simple sugars.

Replace Sour Cream With Greek Yogurt

If you’re in the habit of using full fat sour cream, this is another thing that must be eliminated from your diet.  Full fat sour cream is loaded with saturated fat and calories, and won’t do anything to support your lean body goals.

Instead, consider replacing it with some Greek yogurt instead. This works well in most recipes that call for sour cream and will be much higher in protein content as well.

Start Your Day With Oatmeal Rather Than Granola

If you’re just getting a start on the morning, consider having a bowl of cooked oatmeal rather than your usual bowl of granola.  Granola may seem healthy with all the oats, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit found in it, but usually commercial varieties are high in sugar and really pack a high calorie punch.

Instead, go for cooked oatmeal. It’s high in volume but low in calories so will fill you up quickly without any added sugars or fats.

Flavor it with some cinnamon and sugar substitute and you’ll have a healthy breakfast in minutes.

Double The Veggies And Halve The Rice

Finally, the last thing that you can do to slash your daily calorie intake is to double up on your vegetables at your dinner meal while cutting the amount of rice you serve up in half.  Vegetables are so low in calories you can virtually eat as many of them as you’d like without suffering from weight gain and will also offer far more from a nutritional standpoint then plain rice would.

So there you have five simple yet highly effective ways to cut your calorie intake so that you can lose fat faster. If you use these rather than doing a complete diet overall, you’ll find your healthy diet plan much easier to follow and you’ll still see the great results you’re after.