Excited, Stronger and Having a Blast!

  1. What made you decide to visit Best Body Fitness?

I wanted to start living healthier and that included working out at the gym.

2. What have your results been training at Best Body Fitness?

I’ve had on again off again periods of time throughout my training. I’ve had two pregnancies while training, one resulting in 35 pounds to lose and one in about 20 pounds. Six months after my third baby I began training for a competition and Best Body Fitness was a major part of that. The staff and the other members were extremely supportive of that. I’ve heard of other gyms where if you are training with one trainer it’s basically a no-no to speak to anyone else. Best Body Fitness isn’t like that, it’s a team. They don’t make you feel like you can’t talk to anyone else. I ended up having a great time preparing for my competition and it was fun! I’ve recently completed the 6 week Smack-Down. It was intense, it was hard and it was FUN! I really enjoyed the group setting and level of intensity. I never felt overwhelmed with the workout and I feel like everyone got the guidance and personal attention they needed. It was great and I am now going to continue with the monthly Smack-Down class. I’m excited, stronger and having a blast!

3. What do you think has been different about Best Body Fitness vs. other programs you have tried?

Accountability. There is someone there for you, I don’t feel like any question is stupid. The trainers are very informative and share the information and knowledge that is relevant to our exercises, food and supplements etc.

4.  Would you recommend Best Body Fitness and why?

Of course! Best gym around in my opinion. I hear people complain about things at their gyms and I always think, “that doesn’t happen at my gym” or “my trainer would never say that.” I really like working out here and I absolutely recommend this gym!


Sandy A        Feb 11, 2012