Down This Road Before!


  1. What made you decide to visit Best Body Fitness?

I was looking to start the process of making a change in my life. I had been down this road before but with only bits and pieces, not the whole puzzle of which direction to lead. A friend  convinced me last minute to give this a try. So after a bit of back and forth I decided what the heck lets give it a try! And if I lived, I’d be sure to tell about it!

2. What exactly have your results been training at Best Body Fitness?

Well I’ll be honest I was never in this to win it! From the start I began to wonder how crazy I must have been to sign up for something like this and I really had to focus to recognize why I was doing this. If it was for anything at all but to just finish the six weeks. I couldn’t of expected myself to be perfect all at once. I didn’t want to focus on my short falls, I needed to push myself to recognize my accomplishments. I have been able to do things for myself I never thought were physically possible for me to do! I feel stronger, more clear minded and I have way more energy that I ever had before. No matter what my results are, it was more about starting and heading in the right direction then not starting at all.  And I will get there!

3. What do you think has been different about Best Body Fitness vs other programs you have tried?

The difference at Best Body Fitness is it is the full package. I have done many, many, many different programs all of which have taught me something or added a better understanding to fitness or food. But I can definitely say Best Body Fitness was the whole puzzle, all the pieces were there just waiting for me to put them together. I truly feel that by the time I finally finish this journey I will be able to look at a beautiful, fully completed picture at the end.

4. Would you recommend Best Body Fitness and why?

Yes! The energy, support and knowledge, all of these are important when you are tackling one of your biggest obstacles in life. I couldn’t be expected to physically move a mountain by myself. But when you work as a team your chances of succeeding are so much greater. Together you can encourage, recognize accomplishments and your given the proper tools to work with. A mountain can be moved when enough individuals get on board. One bucket of rocks and dirt at a time can eventually move that mountain! This is why I recommend Best Body Fitness, they offer it all!


-Anonymous                March 6, 2012