Congrats to those in Woody’s Marathon

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Woody’s 10k, Half an Full Marathon!

It was AWESOME to coach you all year and I am proud of all of your efforts!!!  (yes, even those of you who spent much of the season trying to overcome old injuries!!)

Think of all the cold, windy, wet runs we did together.  All the miles, the dedication, the sacrifice – and now we are done and Summer is upon us!

We did manage to get a group shot of most people, so here it is!  If any other shots come around, let me know and I can post them!

(click to see or download the larger file)


p.s.:  Congrats to Julian Price, who qualified for Boston on his FIRST Marathon!  Nice work buddy, you make your coach proud!

pp.s.  a big thanks to Mary-Ann’s husband for doctoring up this photo for us!  Unexpected and glorious surprise!

Happy Training!