Healthy Protein Carrot Cake

Head to the Christmas party armed with good nutrition that tastes so good, you’ll swear you are cheating! You will need: Non-fat, no-stick spray. 1 cup oat flour (ground oatmeal found in the health […]

Chocolate Protein CAKE

Chocolate Protein Cake! (recipe by Best Body Fitness Personal Trainer Monica Webster)             1 cup        oat flour  (find at Nutters, or local health food store) 2 scoops of chocolate […]

Low Carb Pumpkin Muffins

Just in case you missed our last Fitness Newsletter, Here is the amazing Pumpkin recipe that was in it! Here’s a muffin that isn’t sugary, starchy and devoid of nutrients – like the muffins […]

Low Fat Seafood Burger

Forget Deli-meats, treat friends to something special. Fresh salmon or seafood tastes great and can provide your body with plenty of healthy fats such as Omega 3,6,9. Omega fats have been proven to ward off heart […]