Anatomy Of A Superset

If you’re looking to create an effective fat burning workout, one workout technique that you must be sure you aren’t overlooking is that of a superset.  Supersets are great for boosting the metabolic rate, shortening up the total time you have to spend in the gym, as well as for working your cardiovascular system as they’ll keep you moving from one exercise to the next very quickly.

But, before you go implementing supersets into your workout regime, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind regarding the overall set-up that you can use with them.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know.

Same Part Supersets

The first type of superset that you can perform is the same part superset. For this variation you’re going to choose two different exercises that target the same muscle and perform them one after another.

This is good for really bringing on a maximum state of muscular fatigue since you’ll be targeting that single muscle group for twice as long as you normally would.  Note that you will likely see a weight decrease on the second exercise of the superset, so keep that in mind as you progress through.

Opposing Part Supersets

The second type of superset that you’ll want to consider adding into your workout program is the opposing part superset.  With these supersets you’re going to work one muscle group and then perform the second exercise for the muscle group that directly opposes that.

So for example you could do an exercise for the biceps and then follow that with an exercise for the triceps. Or likewise, do an exercise for the quads and then perform one for the hamstrings.

The advantage here is that you’ll generally get the best muscle ‘pump’ from this type of set-up as there will be a high amount of blood rushing to the area.

Upper/Lower Supersets

Moving on, the third type of superset is the upper/lower superset. With this type you’ll perform one exercise for the lower body and then one for the upper right after it.

This type tends to be one of the best set-ups since it’ll allow you to maintain a higher level of weight because as the upper half works, the lower half rests and vice versa.

You can also use compound exercises doing this superset to make it that much more effective.

So for instance you could do a set of lunges and then follow that up with a chest press or do a set of deadlifts and then move into a bent over row.

Since you’re working more muscle groups at once, you’ll get a higher calorie burn and take your results up to the next step.

Just be sure that you are resting sufficiently after each coupling however to ensure you don’t have to lighten the load when doing these superset variations.

So if you aren’t implementing some supersets into your training, make sure that you take the time to do so.  It really will pay off in the long run and help you boost your fitness progress and speed your weight loss results.