An Amazing Experience!

  1. What made you choose Best Body Fitness?

I chose to come to Best Body Fitness because of my good friend who works here. She was very influential in me starting a work out regime. She spoke very highly of the trainers and the facilities!

2. What exactly have your results been training at Best Body Fitness?

My results have been great! I was very apprehensive to start the boot camp but I am so glad I did. I have lost some weight, I feel stronger and I feel more confident having finished the Smackdown program. I feel better about myself and I am looking forward to continuing on with Best Body Fitness to see even better results! My energy levels have definitely increased and I actually enjoy working out now!

3. What do you think has been different about Best Body Fitness vs. other programs you have tried?

I feel that the difference about Best Body Fitness is the atmosphere in the gym, it is very positive! I’ve also been impressed with how helpful and motivating all the staff are! Right down to the front desk staff. Everyone has been so nice and it makes me look forward to coming! I also appreciate the knowledge that the trainers have and how willing they are to help with diet plans, recipes etc.. Going to a gym and starting a boot camp when you haven’t exercised in a long time can be very intimidating but I have had nothing but encouragement and positive feed back! Thanks!

4. Would you recommend Best Body Fitness and why?

I would definitely recommend Best Body Fitness! It has been an amazing experience. I am so impressed with the staff, the facilities and the atmosphere! I believe I’ve received excellent service and excellent value for my money. Best Body Fitness is by far the best gym in our area and I am so happy I made the decision to come to Best Body Fitness. It has been life changing and I look forward to continue on the path towards better health and fitness. What sets it apart from other gyms is that they focus on overall health and have a lot of knowledge and experience in nutrition! Thank you so much for all you have done to help me achieve my goals!


Shawna Prete               March 4/ 2012