Adding Interval Training To Your Sylvan Lake Weight Loss Program

If you’re someone who’s just getting started on a Sylvan Lake weight loss workout program, then it’s going to be very important that you consider the cardio variety you’re choosing to use.  While weight training does prove to be the most beneficial form of exercise for dramatically changing your body, this doesn’t mean you can completely cut cardio out of the picture entirely.

But, that said, not all cardio is created equally so it’s going to be essential to your success that you have a look at the most productive way to perform cardio training.  This means doing interval training.

Simply put, interval training is the most ideal way to get in shape quickly, burn fat faster, and boost your metabolic rate for hours after the session is completed.  If you haven’t jumped on the interval cardio training bandwagon with your Sylvan Lake weight loss workout program, now’s the time to get started.

But, before you do let’s have a quick look at a few of the important considerations to know about adding this to your overall workout program set-up.

Maintaining Sufficient Balance

The very first thing that you must note is that interval training is a lot more intense than any other form of cardio training, so for that reason, you must be sure not to overdo it or you could wind up overtraining yourself.

You must maintain good balance with your interval sessions in conjunction to your weight lifting workouts, while still allowing for at least one day off per week to rest.

Ideally you should have one full day for rest and two lighter workout sessions scheduled, so use this as your guideline.

Choosing Your Interval Length

The second thing to note when adding interval training sessions to your Sylvan Lake weight loss workout program is the total interval length that you’re going to use.

Some people will perform incredibly short yet highly intense intervals of just 20 seconds, while others will take them slightly longer into the 45-60 second range.

Both types will work well for fat burning but note that the shorter the interval, the harder you should be working during that time period.  As long as you keep that in mind, you can ensure that the intensity you’re doing them with will be appropriate for delivering top notch results.

Using Proper Nutrition Protocols

Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to note is that you cannot overlook nutritional protocols when doing interval training.  Since this workout is very much like a strength training workout where you will be relying on glucose as a fuel source (or stored energy as ATP), this means you’ll need carbohydrate replenishing after the session.

Just as you’d follow a hard weight training workout with a post-workout shake consisting of protein and carbs, you should follow your interval training workouts with the same.

This will promote greater recovery and ensure you get the best benefits.

So there you have the need-to-know details about adding interval training to your Sylvan Lake weight loss workout program.  If you haven’t added this to your plan yet, make sure you don’t wait any longer.