I am absolutely loving “Spartan Training”!


Without a doubt it is the hardest training I have ever done. I am excited as well as a little anxious for the actual race day- but the one thing I know for sure is that our awesome trainers will have us thoroughly prepared. I actually see Madison, Dan and Scott more as coaches than trainers. They put so much of themselves into seeing that we do well. The workouts are stellar and the trainers are always there with help. They are also hugely motivational. They always believe “we can do it” and expect the best from us. I personally find and I believe all of us are finding they make us dig deeper, finding reserves we didn’t know we had!

The group workouts are the best. It is so fun to be connected to like minded “crazies” as my husband puts it. To see how much everyone has progressed is amazing- wow! I remember the first day of Smackdown and how hard that was! But look at us now, taking on “The Wall”! I guess we are crazy. A crazy fun group, a crazy great group of trainers and a crazy great gym! I love this place!

Thank-you so much Scott, Madison and Dan for all your hard work! We will do our best to make you proud on race day. “We will know at the finish line”!


Gerri Baier